I sing. I write. I share.

As songwriters, we often write about experiences that are close to us. We open up our hearts for the world to hear. So as a private person, it was hard for me to put my ideas into words.

Over the years, I’ve started to let my guard down. Recently, words have just flowed. It’s how I deal with issues and get closure. I’m sure everyone close to me know exactly what these songs are about. The difference is that now, I’m okay with people knowing more about me. If you never let people get close, you’ll never have anyone close to you. And what kind of life would it be to keep ever…Read More

(Drummer) Boy — Art Print 

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Last night I got my socks knocked off by the talented Chris Thile. 2 full hours of music within the wonderful acoustics of Koerner Hall. I secretly wanted him to play “Doubting Thomas,” a song from the Nickel Creek era but really, it didn’t matter what he played. I had butterflies and even teared up a couple times from his incredible expressiveness as well as from laughter. This man is not only a music genius, he has a wicked sense of humour too. And how many people can start with Bach and then segue into bluegrass? Everyone in the hall knew we were i…Read More

My name is Noella Choi and this is my story.
I'm a singer-songwriter-photographer-designer-Torontonian who loves to drink hot chocolate and take pictures of food I'm about to eat. I also tweet a lot.

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