Happy New Year everyone!  To all my friends and family on the other side of the world, miss you guys and hope to see you some time soon!

It’s been a weird 2 years for me.  The residuals of 2009 flowed into 2010 leaving me with lots of questions and anxiety.  I’ve made some stupid decisions, done some very unNoella things (sometimes for the better and sometimes…what was I thinking???)  But I’ve survived!  Met a lot of new people, reunited with some old friends and became closer to others.

I don’t regret anything really, but I am very glad that 2010 is done and over with.  Everything sort of started turning around for me closer to the end of the year.  And I promised I would give credit where credit’s due.  Thank you to my haircut. =D

Here’s to a new decade.  (I know I know…that’s up for debate.  Whatever.  It just sounds better)

Party on dudes!